About Us

We’re Darien and Lise, we live in North London and we recently became first-time parents to Scarlett. We were also Darien’s employers’ test case for the new shared parenting laws that came in last April – read more about those here. We shared the first six months of leave, until March 2016, and we’re aware our experience is still relatively unusual. Hopefully as we learn more about parenting in general, and the experience of shared parenting in particular, we’ll have useful or interesting things to share.

A bit more about us:

headshotLise is an independent performing arts manager, dance teacher and writer. Originally from Scotland, she settled in London in the early 2000s and is still ambivalent about that decision. Her hobbies and interests include the Manchester music scene 1978-1997, Bollywood cinema, travel, good cheese and Darien.

Read more about Lise’s day-jobs at www.lisedance.com


D12345Darien is a London-born tech journalist and part-time rockstar. He met Lise in a punt in Cambridge in 2003, a happy experience second only to Arsenal winning the FA Cup last year. Darien likes Suede, sitcoms, long evenings in friendly pubs and collecting guitars. His top tip for a happy honeymoon is to spend it in Bali.

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Scarlett was born on 24 September 2015 at the Whittington Hospital Birth Centre. She doesn’t yet know what social media is, but she loves YouTube.