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Eagle-eyed viewers will notice that it’s been a while since this blog was updated; partly because our baby really is no longer a baby and I therefore lack the real-time tools to advise anyone how to cope with early parenthood; partly because it regenerated into a dance-theatre performance (touring in 2019! Come and see us!); and partly because that pesky work stuff took over from my full-time parenting for good sometime back near the end of 2017.

If you are still looking for my drops of wisdom, however – fear not! Because I’ve managed to persuade some good folk with publishing platforms to pay me for my knowledge bombs – here are a few that might interest regular readers, especially the baby-owning among you. (NB not all bylines point to me but I can assure you these wise words are mine, mine, mine.)

Best cots

Best cot mattresses

Best parenting books

Best nappies

Best high chairs

Best baby bottles

Best breast pumps

Best prams and buggies

Best baby thermometers

Best TENS machines

Best books for babies and toddlers

How to travel with a baby

And if a hard year’s parenting has left you in need of some R’n’R, you might also enjoy:

Best luxury bubble baths

Best tonic waters

Best whiskys

If you liked my piece on the Quantified Baby, this review of the Moodnotes mood-journalling app might also entice you.

Happy reading and if there’s anything you’d like me to tackle on your behalf (best stain-remover? Best noise-cancelling earplugs? Best beds that fit three people and a cat?), let us know on the back of a used blogging platform. Peace out.

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