Listen With Mother 2: More #shitwesingtoourbabies

As your baby grows and develops, they will of course acquire new skills and adorable new habits, and that means you as a parent need a whole repertoire of new songs! Well, maybe not need as such, but that’s what you’re going to get. Contributions to the usual hashtag!

1. Outkast – So Fresh, So Clean
Scarlett, now I’ve changed your nappy you’re so fresh so clean
Yes I think you’re so lovely you’re dressed so fresh so clean

2. Rod Stewart – The First Bump Is The Hardest
The first bump is the hardest
Baby I know the first bump is the hardest
But when it come to rolling over you’re cursed
When it come to coffee tables it’s worst

3. Frank Sinatra – The Baby is a Scamp
She gets too hungry for dinner at eight
Won’t drink champagne, she prefers Cow and Gate
Loves walks in the park, but not when it’s damp
That’s why the baby is a scamp

4. Lady Gaga – Babyphone
Hello hello baby, oh you’re waking up on me
I have come to cuddle you ‘cos I’m your mummy
(alternative lyric: Sorry I cannot hear you ‘cos I be sleepy/I need my coffee. It’s 50/50 which way this song will go on any given morning.)

5. U2 – Stuck Under A Coffee Table You Can’t Get Out From
You can probably work out this lyric for yourself.


6. Atomic Kitten – Cardigan
Baby, you’re the one, One to put it on, You can wear your cardigan

(as sung by Daddy)

7. Groove Armada – I See You Baby
I see you baby, [doing] that [thing], [doing] that [thing]

A wonderfully versatile lyric, this one. Really works for any value of X. “Chewing that object” is quite a popular one in our house right now #teething

8. Bee Gees – Side Lyin’
Side-lyin’! / You’re lyin’ on your side!

– with thanks to Chris on Twitter. Hashtag #shitwesingtoourbabies, people!

9. Shirley Ellis – The Clapping Song
Mostly because we’re excited about Scarlett clapping, but also this song is awesome. I used to have a recording of Floella Benjamin singing it on Playschool and it was my favourite thing in the whole world after the Simon and Garfunkel song about saying hello to a lamppost. Imagine! Saying hello to a lampost! Silly Simon and Garfunkel. Anyway, clap hands. Also teaches counting in threes #soeducational

10. Prince – Purple Trousers
I only wanted to see you standing in your purple trousers, purple trousers, purple trousers.

A touching tribute to His Royal Purpleness at this sad time. Bonus points if you and your partner sing it with all the harmonies.

11. David Bowie – Nose to Nipple
Still confused about breastfeeding? Let David assist from his unearthly plane:

Nose to nipple, tummy to tummy
We know [baby’s name] loves [his/her] mummy


Got more #shityousingtoyourbaby to tell us about? Use the hashtag, or comment below! #lalala

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