18 uses for a baby wipe

To celebrate Scarlett’s 18th week (yes really OMG etc etc), I’m going to celebrate an underrated piece of baby equipment. But first, I’m going to confess to using it. The humble baby wipe – staple of my own upbringing – has been a bit maligned of late, with the baby books recommending plain water and cotton balls and threatening unspecified dire consequences if you wipe with a, er, wipe. Friends, let me tell you: the first day your smiling infant fills her nappy with three days’ worth of processed stomach content is the day you will realise the serious limitations of a small, round piece of cotton fluff. You will reach for the wipes. You will reach for the wipes and never put them down again.

So now you’ve stocked your house (and your nappy change bag – nothing beats wipes when changing on the go) with your preferred brand of newborn-compatible, extra-sensitive botty wipe, you’ll find there are a myriad other uses for the things and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them. Here are 18 of our favourites:

  1. Wiping surplus milk off your baby, coffee table and self.
  2. Cleaning coffee rings off the table in the morning.
  3. Cleaning wine rings off the coffee table in the evening.
  4. Fast fix for cleaning hands when you’re not near a sink. Great in restaurants.
  5. Fast fix for removing breakfast from face when you can’t get it together to go to the actual bathroom.
  6. Cleaning assorted messes off laptop keyboard (actually, they’re so good for this purpose I fully intend to keep a pack on the study table forever).
  7. Quick and convenient facial cleansing at night when your bottle of premium face product is just out of reach or you really haven’t got the energy to unscrew the top and smear it onto your face.
  8. Trailer-park-style shower substitute. Simply insert wipe into smelly parts and hey presto! Now you can meet the Health Visitor.
  9. If you’ve been doing a bit of DIY because you moved house recently, baby wipes are great at removing small amounts of misapplied paint.
  10. They’re also superb at removing paint splatters from hands and arms once you’ve finished coating the walls.
  11. That time-honoured housecleaning hack “make your kitchen/bathroom appear clean by shining the taps” becomes super-easy with a baby wipe! Wipe wipe, sparkle sparkle.
  12. Clean off your baby changing mat with a baby wipe after one of *those* nappy changes. If you can’t imagine what one of *those* nappy changes might mean, consider yourself blessed.
  13. Also wipe down any impromptu surface you may have used as a changing table, such as a display kitchen in B&Q, a worksurface in a local cafe, or the nice, warm, wooden floor of the pub. Those are just some examples off the top of my head. OK, from my recent experience.
  14. Who needs moist toilet tissue when you have a pack of these babies to hand? (NB, I mean “babies” in the colloquial sense. Use the wipes, not your baby). (NB2 check your wipes are flushable).
  15. Blood remover. I hasten to add, all blood in this scenario belonged to Mummy, not baby. Baby wipes do an excellent job of mopping scrapes and scratches.
  16. All-in-one mud remover and shoe shiner, from when you went on a mile-long buggy ramble the day after heavy rain.
  17. iPad screen wipe, so when you’ve been eating sticky buns before one-handed blogging you can wipe away all the evidence with ease.
  18. …and if you have any wipes left at the end of all that, you can wipe your baby’s backside with one.

Send your top tips to us on a used baby wipe! (OR, alternatively, in the comments below).

11 thoughts on “18 uses for a baby wipe

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  2. From Chris B on Twitter:

    ours are 7 & 5, there are still wipes in the car, kitchen, playroom, backpack. Wipes are the answer whatever the question.

  3. From Jason on Twitter:

    And a big to 08 – baby wipes will forevermore be part of my long-haul carry-on kit.

    Have made it to week 21 oblivious to the “anti-wipes” thing. I wonder what other parenting schisms I’m blissfully unaware of.

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  5. From Rick on Facebook: We now burn through twice as many wipes thanks to Ushi’s “stick the tongue out and blow” approach to swallowing solids.

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