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Last week, we moved house with a nine week old baby. We didn’t mean to; our original plan was to move in August or early September before our new arrival arrived, but then lawyers happened and some fun stuff with a roof so instead we moved at the end of November. In response to all the questions we’ve had since from people wanting to know how in god’s name one moves house with a nine week old baby, here is our guide to moving house with a nine week old baby.

You Simply Cannot Do This Alone

Don’t even try to move house without assistance. We paid for a professional packing service, and it took three burly men two days to pack up our house so Lord knows how long it would have taken us to do the same thing on minimal sleep and with a baby in one arm. If you don’t have the resources to get the professionals in, call in every favour you’ve ever been owed by friends, family and passing strangers and get other people to do the packing and loading for you. Touch as few boxes as possible. Try not to even look at them, that’s distressing enough as it is.

Put aside what you need 

For us, this meant: a portable place to nap (we love the Poddle Pod gifted to us by dear friends); changing gear and plenty of nappies; change of daytime outfit and sleepsuit; emergency bottles and cool pack; portable play mat; and then whatever Mum and Dad need for the day. Then, importantly: MAKE SURE YOUR PACKERS DO NOT PACK THESE THINGS. They will try to, believe us.

Hide in one room

While the three burly men packed up our entire house around us, we hid in the bedroom for the morning while she napped and occasionally fed; and then we moved into a bizarrely empty, cold, echoey, huge-looking front room while they packed up the rest. Thanks to the Poddle Pod she napped fine in the front room, but it was a real pain in the butt to feed her without an armchair to sit on. I don’t know that there’s a way around this: at some point, you will be in an empty house with a baby to feed. You may wish to figure out your own plan for this inevitability.

On arriving at the new house, make sure the heating is working

Ours wasn’t, and it was a temporary nightmare. Thank you to the nice man from British Gas who sorted that out.

Hide in one room again while the movers bring all your stuff in

Make sure you have all your equipment with you (see above) and that you have some way to feed your baby before the sofa arrives. Try to hide in a heated room where possible, it will make you much happier than the alternative.

Wait four hours while your home arrives in approximately 200 boxes

Your baby won’t like this bit, especially if it coincides with the evening fuss. Try cluster feeding once the sofa arrives, pausing only to let the nice man from British Gas in.

Order takeaway

Cooking will be out of the question until you clear those 200 boxes. Get husband to set up TV so you can watch Frasier while waiting an astoundingly long time for some chow mein.

Collapse exhaustedly into bed

NB you will need your bed and crib unpacked in order to achieve this much-desired state. Find pillows, crawl under duvet, and pass out. The advantage of a long and tiring day is that your little one should also pass out for longer than usual, so take advantage and sweet dreams.

There! You’ve moved house, and it’s only taken every shred of energy and sanity you possessed! Now enjoy your box-filled front room and unbuilt furniture, hurrah.



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